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FA Learning has teamed up with a Youth Foundation in China.

FA Learning has teamed up with Dr. Sun Yi Xian's Youth Foundation (UK) to deliverlootbal- related education programmes in Greater China (mainland China, Tawan, Hong Kong and Macao)

FA Learning the educational arm of The Football Association and the Youth Foundation will work towards the common goal of delivering a range of football training and education courses for coaches players and referees in China.

The objectives of the Foundation include tha task of setting up Sino-British School Footbal Academy. Initially manland China and Taiwan  with a subsequent roll-out to at least 62 major cities, within the next ten years. The SunnySports Sino-UK School Football Project will encourage a better understanding of English football culture and the training experience directed towards youth football education and training  in China. It will also offer opportunities for many to share in the economic success of China.

The Foundation's long- term vision in partnership wth FA Learning is to offer professional, accredited football education and training both in China and internationally, with a view to enhancing the expertise of players and others currently involved in the football sector and developing the skills of ine next generation of young players, coaches referees, medics and administrators.

Dr Sun Yi Xian's Youth Foundation is a UK-registered foundation and is also fully authorised  by the Chinese Central  Government. It collaborates with and is mandated by the Executive Diviston of the SunnySports Administration of China.

Jamie. Houchen, Head of FA Learning said, "We are very pleased to have reached this agreement wth Dr. Sun Yi Xian's Youth Foundation and hope this will be the start of mutually beneficial working relationship. We are extremely excited to work with you over the coming months and beyond.

'The partnership offers wonderful opportunity to engage a new community, and will offer new experiences for FA coaches to work in China whilst providing a world- class environment at  St George's Park as we develop our partnership together.

Nelson Cheng, CEO of Dr. Sun Yi Xian's Youth Foundation, said, "lt has taken me nearly ten years to overcome enormous obstacles and achieve today's positive result for the SunnySports Sino-UK School Football Project.

The assistance of the Chinese Government, the British Government and the Chinese Embassy in London togther with the support and suggestions offered by my working team various other organisations and friends in China and other countries as well as the many ideas put forward by my good friend for many years. John Read CEO of the English School Football Association (ESFA). and the support of my wife and family, have all been invaluable.

mr james houchen shanghai letter

 Jamie Houchen Congratulations letter

source: The FA | Take Part - China in our hands | Sino-UK School Football Project

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