Xinhua News Agency (London) visited Ms Jane Bateman
The Football Association - Head of International Relations


The Sino-UK School Football Project is supported by the FA's training system.

Shao-Qiang Zheng, CEO of Dr. Sun Yi Xian's Youth Foundation, who proposed the project, says that the FA will start the coaches training program in selected schools this September.

Applicants will be chosen from 72 primary and secondary schools in 62 Chinese cities, and will include general curriculum teachers, that is, not just gym teachers.

This week, CNC correspondent had an exclusive interview with Jane Bateman, head of FA international relations, to find out more.

"For us to be able to look forward to developing a project for over 15 years, i think it's excellent, because football changes the way we might want to run it changes, but it also really gives you the opportunity to properly get to know what you want to achieve project, what China's objectives are, what England's objectives are, I think to be able to build a relationship to build a mutual understanding over a period such as 15 years it's really important goal to try to achieve, so I'm very pleased that agreement was reached, because I think it could only be beneficial to both parties."

According to Bateman, to enhance the next generation of professional and star players from around the world, football training is a huge priority for the FA.

"It has several interpretation in terms of how we delivery it, the FA has three called objectives in terms of how we govern the game, so one is governing the game effectively, two is building winning teams, and third is developing the game, so make football accessible to all, so those latitude points are really important, because without education, you are not going to achieve those objectives."

Referees, medics and administrators are also included in the joint training project.

The Football Association was formed in 1863. It's the oldest football association in the world and is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the amateur and professional game in England.

This year is the FA's 150th anniversary. Bateman said the ongoing Sino-UK football project has made significant improvements in football industry.

"I think that in 150 years being able to establish and start the partnership with the project is really important for us, it's significant, because there will be several landmarks this year in our anniversary year which we want to celebrate, and I think to the launch of this project, particularly being international project will be really important, and it will be even some more emphasis I think by virtual it being such a special year for the FA."

Meanwhile, China's soccer authority has officially announced that it's decided to end the contract with national team coach Jose Antonio Camacho.The 58-year-old agreed to step down without incident. After the Chinese national football slumped to a record low in the FIFA rankings in March, fans across the country had called for Camacho to be sacked.

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From: CNC report from London - China, UK to launch football project

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