This afternoon, the one-week "Sino-UK School Football Project" Shanghai's first intermediate training class officially ended in the middle school affiliated to Shanghai Normal University. At the same time, the "School Football International Curriculum Research Center" jointly established by the British Dr Sun Yi Xian's Youth Foundation and the High School Affiliated to Shanghai Normal University was officially launched.

In the past year, in the tide of the development of domestic school football, there have been endless cooperation projects that invite in and go out. But how can we bring "truth" to Chinese school football? Simple "usage doctrine" is obviously not enough.

Mr Zhou Chi, the deputy dean of the School of Physical Education of Nanchang Hangkong University, completed the basic course of the "Sino-UK School Football Project" two years ago and became the first batch of intermediate students this time. As a promoter and researcher of university school football, Mr Zhou Chi deeply felt that the ideas and methods of school football brought by British lecturers had a huge impact on the ideas of Chinese physical education teachers. The interest in football, the harmonious and equal relationship between teachers and students, and the attention to excellence in teaching. All of them have refreshed and impressed Chinese PE teachers."

However, for more than two years, the "Sino-UK School Football Project" has trained 275 college, middle and elementary school physical education teachers in 9 provinces and cities across the country. At present, it is still beyond reach for most physical education teachers in China. .

In fact, there are many kinds of training for school football teachers in China, but most of the training programs are more meaningful than actual results. Limited places are always the norm. The strong desire for knowledge of the majority of grassroots physical education teachers is still difficult to satisfy.

In addition, under the surface of domestic school football, there are still many basic problems that have not been resolved.

Mr Xu Agen, the president of the Shanghai Middle School Sports Association and a special-grade teacher, said, “School football must recognize its own position and cannot be “hot”. Real football education must be for all children.

The so-called "hotness" has been fully revealed this year. For example, there have been many controversial phenomena in China: the emergence of football exercises, some unconditional schools bite the bullet to engage in football, and the activities of some businesses have to do everything possible to link to school football; many foreign companies have seen Chinese schools. The business opportunities of football, come to China to open football schools and organize various football training activities.

In Mr Xu Agen's view, there is nothing wrong with the phenomenon of "hot". After all, it is a by-product of the development of school football, but what about our main product of school football? Xu Agen questioned this.

How is football education conducted? How to recognize the role of football in the growth of children? Does school football belong to the minority or the majority? Is the football teaching method of competitive football feasible for ordinary children?

In Mr Xu Agen's view, "the biggest gap between Chinese football and foreign countries is neither people nor technology, but philosophy. The same is true for school football."

The introduction of the concept certainly cannot be achieved simply by inviting a few foreign experts to give lectures in China and sending some Chinese physical education teachers to overseas for training.


"School football courses, textbooks, teachers and class hours must be kept up to date,"Mr Xu Agen said. It was an introduction of school football system engineering.

The “Sino-UK School Football Project” has noticed the problems faced by school football in China. The “School Football International Course Research Center” established in the High School Attached to Shanghai Normal University will soon become the base for the realization of the Chinese football concept. A sign that English school football has entered a stage of comprehensive cooperation.

The Director of Education of the FA, James Huochen, said that simply copying the concept of football from the United Kingdom is not feasible for China. The "School Football International Course Research Center" will have experts from China and Britain communicate with each other to help Britain The concept of football is better localized in China, and then promoted and implemented.

Jemstein said that many foreign football companies and organizations want to make money from China’s “football fever”. When pursuing commercial interests is the primary goal, how much can their “cooperation” with China bring to Chinese football? The benefits are always worrying. As a non-profit organization, the FA’s only goal is to promote football and help countries around the world increase the popularity of football. Before coming to China, the FA and AFC as well as India, Japan and other countries have already cooperated very closely.

According to Mr Yan Yiping, Principal of the High School Affiliated to Shanghai Normal University, the "School Football International Curriculum Research Center" will rely on the Sino-UK expert group to jointly compile "School Football Teaching Materials", "School Football Teaching Management Guide" and "School Football Teaching Management Guide" for China with Chinese intellectual property rights. "School Football and Community Football Management Guide" and other general football teaching materials. Yan Yiping believes that this will be the introduction of the concept of English-style school football into China in a systematic way, instead of being only localized and fragmented like many Chinese-foreign football cooperation projects currently underway.

Today I got the football coach intermediate certificate jointly issued by the FA and China. Mr Zhou Chi is very excited. He believes that “the training of school football coaches should be continuous, and physical education teachers need to constantly update their knowledge to better To shoulder the responsibility of the grassroots football coach."

Speaking of a series of problems that currently exist in school football in China, Xu Agen believes that the work of school football should be looked down more and less up. In fact, including the United Kingdom, the school football or youth football work of any football power in the world today is based on scientific concepts, a solid foundation and a complete system.


Source:  China Youth Daily    China News Network

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