School football is not for training national team players. Please understand this concept first
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Chinese youth football training is always trying to explore various possibilities.
To On 15 July, the Sino-UK Football Education and Cultural Strategy Seminar and the seventh English School Football Teaching Programme training class was held at Tongji University. This is the second phase of the Sino-UK School Football Project initiated and implemented by the Dr Sun Yi Xian's Youth Foundation (UK) Implementation plan.
To In the seminar, the English football youth training experts repeatedly raised the question of "idea"-school football is the foundation, not for the national football. While Chinese youth coaches are learning Western football, they must also know how to teach in accordance with their aptitude.
The seminar scene.
School football is not about training national team players

To "England has established the English School Football Association as early as 1904. It is the second but largest campus football association in the world. It is divided into 456 blocks and each district has a U15 football team. Then to the county level. There are 44 county teams."

To John Reid, Minister of Education of the Dr Sun Yi Xian's Youth Foundation, said: "As of 2000, more than 18,000 elementary schools and 590 junior high schools have joined the FA School Football Association. These schools have regular schedules from districts to counties to the country. Students from 12 to 16 years old can participate in the competition."

"The significance of School football is to involve teachers and clubs so that children can play football at every age, not to train national players. Only when the basic level of campus football is improved can it be better. Players make the national team improve."

Indeed, taking Shanghai as an example, there are already 332 primary and middle schools in Shanghai with football characteristics. England is twenty times the area of ​​Shanghai and its population is twice that of Shanghai. However, the number of schools joining the School Football Association is 55 times that of Shanghai.

In addition, schools do not have regular organized football matches at present. The low participation in school football is a major reason for the lack of football atmosphere in China and the small base of players.

In John Reid’s speech, he also revealed that the FA School Football League has a deeper meaning than football: "In 2005, the FA School Football Association launched the U15 International Women’s Team Program with 26 countries including Canada. While promoting school football, it also discusses concerns about child protection. Therefore, the FA School Football Association is already an educational charity that teaches children to respect others, be mature in self-discipline, and play actively.

In the 2019 International Youth School Football Tournament Triangle Tournament, the Yangpu District campus football team exchanged views with participating teams. Dongfang IC Data Map
School football needs to be professional rather than professional

At the seminar, the Chinese expert asked: "How many games the British university team participates in each year? Then what level of league level? Can I participate in professional competitions after college?"

English experts gave this answer: "We know that the American college student league is aimed at professional athletes, while the UK is aimed at semi-professional athletes. If they want to become professional athletes, then British children will choose another path, which is related to their philosophy."

"Britain's university team has 24 games in a season, and the level of athleticism is not high or even semi-professional. The possibility of students participating in professional football after graduation is very low because our university league is entertaining. "

Although the level of professionalism in university leagues in the UK is low, they are highly professional in training students in the field of sports. English football lecturer and psychoanalyst Mr Mark Armitage described the curriculum in British universities.

"Sports and exercise science in the UK mainly has three branches: physiology, psychology, motivation and physical fitness. Therefore, students in this major can work in various fields after graduation. We are generally divided into three levels. The main introduction in the freshman year Getting started, how to learn, how to deepen in the second year, and how to cooperate in the third year."

"In the freshman year, the school mainly cultivates generalists. Students first understand how science affects sports performance. Psychology, physiology, and anatomy are all important. In the senior year, it is the development of professionals such as nutritionists or sports analysts."

In the 2019 China (Shanghai) International Youth School Football Invitational Tournament ranked 5-8, Shanghai SIPG U17 echelon defeated Shanghai School Football Elite Team 1-0. Dongfang IC Data Map
The concept of football must be understood first

After the Chinese team defeated Thailand on 15 June, 2013, the famous Mr fan Zhiyi has clearly pointed out: "Be pragmatic, understand the tactics and the concept of football first."

During the two-day conference, the word "idea" was frequently mentioned by British lecturers. England has a clear understanding and application of the concept of football.

The first is for the training of football coaches. Mr James Houchen, Director of Coaching and Teaching of the Dr Sun Yi Xian's Youth Foundation, said: "We train Chinese school football teachers, the purpose is to make 5-18 years old children love to play football, so that every child can participate in it. Our teachers must learn to understand the children and tolerate the mistakes they make. Let them grow from their mistakes."
"We must let football teachers become children's facilitators, learn how to teach children and cultivate their personality. And teachers must shift from copying Western football concepts to independent innovation."

The Western football concept mentioned here refers to let children love to play football, every child can have the opportunity to play football, and improve their level through practice, and finally develop their own personality.

For the implementation of the football concept, great success has been achieved in the UK. The best example is the English women's football that reached the semi-finals in the Women's World Cup this year.

A member of the English expert team said: "I worked in the English women's football 20 years ago. At that time, we were considering whether the concept of women's football training was appropriate, and we also carried out training according to needs to avoid problems."

"We found that the players are not physically tall enough, so we set up a special project to help them increase their physique. At that time, the project budget and the staff of the team building, including sports science researchers, have developed to an ideal position."

"Twenty years have not only been the development of the country, but also the development of the school. Now there are U15 women's football matches. So we have to be clear about our positioning: what level of players need to be reached, and then figure out our own ideas."

Source: The Paper

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