Dr. Wang Dengfeng, Director of the Department of Sports Health and Arts Education of the Ministry of Education of China, inspects Sino-U.K. School Football Project Guidance for the 2nd phase Training Course in Shanghai on 10th July 2015


Good afternoon, teachers, students, especially our coaches from England!

         I came to Shanghai to participate in the Shanghai International Campus Football Invitational, which opens tomorrow, and today it happens to be the Sino-U.K. School Football Project held a campus football training course in Shanghai, and I came here to thank Chairman Zheng Shaozheng of the Dr Sun Yi Xian's Youth Foundation and the FA for bringing us the most advanced football concepts and technologies in the world.

         We in China to develop School football, now the most critical link, is how to do a good job in teaching. We hope that more young students can learn to play football, play good football, regular football, can continuously improve our technical and tactical level, from now on to promote the vigorous development of our school sports, on the one hand can strengthen physical fitness, on the other hand, can also let us lay a solid foundation for the development of Chinese football.

         Only Chinese youth can participate in the sport of football, our football level will be able to further improve the current level of Chinese football, women's football can also, men's football is far from, a lot of people are flirting with us. We also hope that from now on, generation after generation of young people, can really learn football. Like football, love football, can help China's football level has a qualitative leap.

         I believe that, such as the "Sino-U.K. School Football Project" such as joint training, in the future in the development of our Chinese campus football more and more, we will learn the world's most advanced, the best, the most effective way to teach youth football technology, various ways, only one goal, let us Chinese youth, like all the world, anywhere in the youth, can really participate in football in the world's most popular sports. For the development of Chinese football, but also for the healthy growth of our Chinese youth, lay the foundation.

         Here, on behalf of the Department of Physical Education of the Ministry of Education, I would like to thank the English football teaching staff and the Dr Sun Yi Xian's Youth Foundation. Also thank the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, for providing us with such a good learning, improve, learn from the opportunity. I also hope that all the teachers who have been trained this time will be able to apply the knowledge they have learned to your teaching and enable more Chinese teenagers to enjoy football better.           Finally, I also wish you all a great harvest in this learning activity, but also to enjoy the fun that this sport brings to everyone, thank you.


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