Do a good job in school physical education and improve students' physical health

——Speech at the China National School Sports Work Forum

Minister of Education Mr Yuan Guiren

 In recent years, education departments and schools at all levels have been deeply studying and implementing General Secretary Xi Jinping's important statements on strengthening physical education in schools and the healthy growth of young people, conscientiously implementing the central government's decision-making and deployment on strengthening physical education in schools, promoting positive progress in school physical education, and initially curbing the decline in the physical health of students throughout the country, and improving some indicators. But on the whole, school physical education is still the weak link of the whole educational work, and the physical health situation of students is still serious. We will, in accordance with the "Decision" of the Third Plenary Session on "strengthening physical education and extracurricular exercise to promote the physical and mental health of young people, physical fitness" deployment requirements, firmly establish the "health first" thinking, deepen comprehensive reform of education, put physical education in a more prominent position, promote school physical education work to achieve a clear breakthrough, students' physical and health level has been significantly improved.

  First, deepen teaching reform and strengthen physical education and extracurricular exercise. One is to have a good physical education class. In the new round of basic education reform, in the case of a reduction in the total number of hours, the primary school grades 3 to 6 per week 3 physical education classes increased to 4 sections, high school 2 per week to 3 sections. No school may occupy physical education for any reason or excuse. Teaching is carried out in strict accordance with the curriculum standards, ensuring exercise load, allowing every student to get adequate exercise, and learning at least two lifelong benefits of physical exercise programs. The second is to make sure you exercise for one hour a day. Carry out sunshine sports, the implementation of daily morning exercise, morning running and other early exercise activities, the morning unified arrangement of large-class sports activities. To encourage local school-based conditions, to carry out a variety of forms, easy to operate, obvious results of sports. Strengthen the construction of student sports associations, organize various sports interest organizations, regularly hold various kinds of sports competitions, sports games, sports and cultural festivals, so that mass sports activities on campus become a common trend. Third, improve the evaluation of physical examination. Physical education as a unified national academic level examination required courses, graduation and further education must reach the level of qualification. The student's physical condition and physical education specialty are recorded in the student's comprehensive quality evaluation file as an important reference for the student's graduation and promotion.

  Second, enhance the basic ability to improve the level of physical education in schools. First, speed up the staffing of physical education teachers. We will increase the professional scale of physical education in special programs for the targeted enrollment of free normal students and poor areas, and single-list physical education teachers in the "special post plan" for teachers in rural schools, encourage physical education teachers to teach, hire social sports skilled personnel and retired outstanding athletes to engage in physical education in schools in accordance with the relevant provisions. The second is to improve the quality of physical education teachers. We will increase the training of physical education teachers in the "National Training Program" and broaden the training channels for physical education teachers. Organize physical education teachers in primary and secondary schools basic skills competition and excellent class discussion and display activities. Third, strengthen the construction of site facilities. The construction of school stadiums and facilities and equipment into the new round of "comprehensive reform" project, increase support efforts, co-ordinate sports resources to meet the needs of students physical education and extracurricular exercise.

  Third, carry out health tests to improve the effectiveness of physical education in schools. First, vigorously promote the testing work. In accordance with the National Standards for Physical Health of Students and in accordance with the Measures for monitoring and evaluation of students' physical health, provincial education departments formulate specific local implementation plans to ensure that all schools carry out physical fitness tests for students. Second, to ensure the quality of testing. Strengthen personnel training and process management, take school self-test, education department audit, social supervision and other ways to promote the orderly conduct of testing, data real and reliable. Actively explore the purchase of services and other forms, entrust third-party institutions to carry out quality control of testing work. Third, give full play to the role of testing. The school publishes the overall results of the student's physical health test according to the student's grade, class, gender and other categories, and informs the students and their parents of the individual test results. The county-level education department publishes the test results on a school-by-school basis and reports them to the national students' physical health standard data management system step by step. The Ministry of Education randomly selected a certain proportion of schools to conduct on-site reviews to accurately grasp the physical health status of students and change trends.

  Fourth, strengthen supervision and evaluation, the implementation of school sports responsibilities. First, strengthen special supervision. Give full play to the role of educational supervision, the establishment of special supervision of school sports work and key areas listed supervision system. In the second half of this year, the Ministry of Education will work with the relevant departments to supervise the implementation of the State Office issued document No. 53, there are outstanding problems within the time limit for rectification. Second, carry out quality monitoring. As one of the two subject areas of the first national compulsory education quality monitoring this year, "Sports and Health" was entrusted with the basic education quality monitoring center to formulate the index system, research and development monitoring tools, stratified sampling tests and publish the monitoring results. Third, the implementation of the hierarchical assessment and annual reporting system. Start the school sports work assessment, divided into excellent, good, qualified and unqualified four levels. The Ministry of Education prepares and publishes the National Annual Report on Physical Education in Schools every year, which integrates school physical education work and students' physical health into the index system of educational modernization, as an important indicator to assess the level of educational development in a region and an important part of the performance appraisal of the work of education departments and school officials, and to hold students accountable for the three-year decline in physical fitness and health.

  Fifth, highlight key projects, and strive to make a major breakthrough in campus football. One is to speed up popularization. To formulate and implement the medium- and long-term development plan of campus football, reasonably lay out the fixed-point schools of primary schools, middle schools and universities, and expand the fixed-point schools of campus football from the current more than 5000 to 20,000 schools in 3 years. The second is to carry out the league. Starting this year, we will gradually establish and improve the four-level football league mechanism of primary school, junior high school, high school and university, unblock the growth channel of football talents through the admission examination policy, and continuously train outstanding football reserve talents. Third, it is constantly promoted. Strengthen guidance, sum up experience, improve effectiveness, and gradually expand the successful practice of campus football to basketball and volleyball three ball and other collective sports.

  The Ministry of Education will earnestly implement Vice Premier Liu Yandong's important speech and the spirit of the meeting, further raise ideological awareness, intensify efforts, take effective measures, continuously improve the overall level of physical education in schools, and make unremitting efforts to promote the physical and mental health of young students, physical fitness, moral, intellectual and physical development.


Source: Portal Website of the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China-Yuan Guiren: Do a good job in school physical education and improve students' physical health

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