Xinhua Online Sports News on June 9th (Reporter Yue Dongxing and Zhu Hong) Shanghai Campus Football League and Sun Yat-sen Youth Foundation (UK) confirmed to reporters on the 9th that the two sides have signed an agreement to hold the English Campus Football International in Shanghai in September The basic course training class will teach advanced football education concepts to 72 primary and middle school teachers in Shanghai.

This is the second training course of the "Sino-UK School Football Project" (hereinafter referred to as the "Sino-UK Project") in China. The core content is that the organizer, the Dr Sun Yi Xian's Youth Foundation, selects the top football instructors in the UK (must hold UEFA and FA senior coach certificates), and after obtaining the approval of the FA, use the latest training materials from England , Model, phased training of Chinese sports teachers who love football, in order to improve their football education level and gradually improve the overall level of campus football.

In October last year, the first phase of the project was held in Zhongshan, Guangdong. At that time, 71 grassroots teachers from nine provinces and cities in China received a certificate issued by the FA after completing the elementary courses. The FA Council member John Reid commented after the event that these teachers “have learned every method of basic football teaching” and can share them with other teachers in the area.

"Last year, 11 teachers went to Shanghai to participate in the first training session. They all agreed. Now, some teachers have tried out the new concept in their respective districts and counties," You Songhui, secretary general of the Shanghai Campus Football League, told Xinhua News Agency. The teachers responded well, which promoted the establishment of this training class in Shanghai.

Ms Jane Bateman, head of the FA’s International Relations Department, said in 2013 that the "Sino-UK Project" formed in cooperation with the Dr Sun Yi Xian's Youth Foundation lasted for 15 years. This is the first time the FA has entered into a contract with China. There is substantial cooperation in football.

Foundation CEO Mr Nelson Cheng stated that the "Sino-UK Project" aims to train grassroots teachers in China in an all-round way, teach them advanced football education concepts, and learn from England's advanced teaching materials to finally form a teaching template suitable for the development of campus football in China. The teaching materials are designed by the professional team of the FA. The whole training is divided into three stages: basic, professional and certificate courses. Each course is divided into 3 stages from shallow to deep.

At present, Shanghai's campus football development is in a leading position in the country, and the campus football league was established two years ago. Wang Congchun, director of the Department of Sports, Health, and Arts of the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, said that the plan is to promote the "Sino-UK Project" in one-third of Shanghai's campuses. More than 70 teachers must be continuously trained, if at last 10 people can reach the international high level. The coach’s qualification certificate will play a greater role in promoting campus football in the region.


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