In October this year, the "Sino-UK School Football Project" held its first training course. More than 70 physical education teachers from across the country received training from 6 professional School football coaches selected by the FA. Nowadays, the training class has been completed for nearly a month, and the concepts and methods of English school football have been brought back to their schools by the participating physical education teachers to practice, and have received good results. What many teachers empathize with is that the difference in the concept of school football guidance between China and Britain is reflected in both the micro level and the macro management.

Che Qiang, a physical education teacher from Boshan Experimental Primary School in Zibo City, Shandong Province, learned for the first time in the "Sino-UK School Football Project" training class, "When children are exposed to football, there is no need to force them to kick." . In an interview with reporters, Che Qiang said: "Children can play football without their feet". To him, a physical education teacher who has received traditional Chinese football education for many years, it is completely subversive. "I am a primary school. Physical education teachers face children who are beginners to football. According to our football teaching method, if we don’t teach children to play with their feet, will they still teach football?"

"In fact, the concept of school football in the UK is very simple. If you want more children to participate in football, you must first let the children like football." After Che Qiang attended the training class, he thought of his many years of teaching practice and suddenly realized. "Children have different physical conditions, and some children have good coordination. They can learn to play with their feet soon after they come into contact with football, but many children find it difficult to adapt to this requirement. They are used to using their familiar methods. To control the ball, such as by hand. If we use traditional teaching methods to force them to use their feet, this part of the children will feel pressure and will not like football. The British method is to first cultivate the fun of playing ball, which is a guarantee Most of them stay on the foundation of the football field."

What if the child develops the habit of catching the ball with his hands? Che Qiang also has such doubts. The British school football coach said that there is no need to worry that children will keep catching the ball with their hands. When the first child starts to try to kick the ball, other children will follow suit. In the end, without being forced by the teacher, they will find the fun of playing football.

“One of the most commonly used actions when the English teach children to play football is to give the child a thumbs up.” Zhou Fengjun, a physical education teacher at Xincheng Street Primary School in Changchun City, Jilin Province, told reporters about his feelings. “During the training class, a English school the football coach gave a practical teaching class to the first and second grade pupils in Guangzhou. I found that no matter how well the children play, the coach first praises the children for what they do well. In our traditional youth football teaching practice, Children often criticize more and praise less. In fact, whether children can keep their interest in playing football has a lot to do with the teacher’s teaching methods. It is conceivable that students who are often criticized by the teacher may not like this The teacher’s class, and children who are often praised and encouraged by the teacher, they will also be very interested in taking this teacher’s class."

"In the British philosophy, there should be no punishment mechanism for teaching children to play football. This also surprised us Chinese physical education teachers." Che Qiang said, "In our football class, children who do well will be Praise, children who do not perform well will be punished, such as running or doing push-ups. This teaching method may be used by all Chinese physical education teachers. But the British coach said that we do not develop school football to train football players, but The focus is on getting more children to participate in football. Then, cultivating children’s interest is the first, and the punishment mechanism will discourage children’s interest and enthusiasm."

Compared with the British people's tolerance for children's technical moves, they attach great importance to their children's football awareness. Lou Xiangbao, a physical education teacher at Tongji No. 1 Middle School in Shanghai, because he took both the school's football lessons and the coach of the school's football team, he felt deeply about the shortcomings of Chinese football teenagers who still lack creativity and control when playing football. "I found that the English coaches put a lot of emphasis on teaching children to play: observe first before catching the ball. This seemingly simple sentence reflects the importance of the British in cultivating youth football awareness. Another point is that the English coach asked us to When teaching football, don’t interfere too much with the children’s kicking behavior. However, many football coaches in China are accustomed to directing the children on the football field off the field. As a result, our children have been directed to lose themselves. The imagination to play."

The rigorous style of British coaches in campus football teaching has also made Chinese physical education teachers sigh, "All their training courses follow the principle of easy to difficult, and their comments on students are profound and detailed.

The short 7-day training has only allowed more than 70 Chinese physical education teachers to complete the initial stage of the FA school football course, but it has already made these Chinese school football front-line workers feel very rewarding, "using new ideas and After teaching the method, I found that the distance between me and the children was closer," Zhou Fengjun said. Lou Xiangbao felt that the students’ football lessons were more efficient. “The time for a class seems to pass quickly, but the students have gained more than before.”

According to the "Sino-UK School Football Project" plan, five similar training courses will be introduced into China next year, but when the first course this year is over, students will share their gains and feelings with more physical education teachers Physical education teachers have given feedback to the "Sino-UK School Football Project". The five training sessions a year obviously cannot meet the needs of more first-line teachers in China's campus football. The Dr Sun Yi Xian's Youth Foundation is one of the initiators of the "Sino-UK School Football Project". The director-general of the foundation Mr Nelson Cheng hopes that the "Sino-UK School Football Project" can receive more support from relevant Chinese authorities so that Chinese school football can be established as soon as possible A development path that suits you. But when he attended a Chinese school football work conference not long ago, he learned that the traditional Chinese football player training concept and method is still the main method for many local departments to promote school football. Mr Nelson Cheng believes: "China's school football is not only The concept of frontline physical education teachers needs to be changed, and the macro thinking of the management department needs to be changed."

Newspaper, Beijing, November 17th

Source:China Youth Daily

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