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Chinese President Xi Jinping Visit and Arrives in UK, China and Britain Create Economic and Trade Flagship Together

xijinping arrived uk

Photo: The Chinese and British flags are hung on both sides of the boulevard in front of Buckingham Palace in London/Reuters

China News Service, October 20. According to a report from Hong Kong's "", Chinese President Xi Jinping arrived in London on the evening of the 19th local time by special plane, starting a trip to the UK. In the four days from 20 to 23, Xi Jinping will attend nearly 20 public events, including many meetings, important banquets, visits to many schools, companies, and bilateral summits. China and Britain will build "flagship projects" in nuclear power, high-speed rail, finance and other fields. This "super state visit" will drive Sino-UK economic and trade cooperation to a higher level and enter the fast lane of the "golden age".

Comprehensive media report: This visit is the first state visit of a Chinese president to the UK in 10 years, and it is also another major diplomatic action of China towards Europe. This visit to the UK is the only stop and is extremely rare. It can be called a "super state visit."

Sino-UK economic and trade cooperation is expected to become the biggest focus of Xi Jinping’s visit, which will surely drive Sino-UK economic and trade cooperation to a higher level. Regarding the outcome of the meeting and what "big orders" China and Britain will finalize, outsiders expect that the two sides will build "flagship projects" in nuclear power, high-speed rail, finance and other fields, deepen exchanges and cooperation in education, technology, and media, and facilitate personnel exchanges.

It is reported that the Hinkley Point Nuclear Power Plant, the first Sino-UK nuclear power project, is expected to be formally signed during Xi Jinping’s visit to the UK, and the negotiations are still ongoing; in addition, the UK is seeking Chinese investment in England’s HS2 high-speed railway; the Chinese government is expected to use this visit to promote finance Projects such as issuing RMB bonds in London.

PetroChina and BP will sign an agreement

The Financial Times reported on the 19th that British Petroleum (BP) will also sign a cooperation agreement with China National Petroleum Corporation to develop new projects in China and other regions. This move will further strengthen the relationship between the two parties.

In the financial field, Sino-UK cooperation also has great potential. The China Development Bank previously issued RMB 2 billion bonds in London and is currently preparing to issue the second tranche of RMB bonds in London. In the future, China will also issue renminbi government bonds in London, making London the first overseas financial center for sovereign debt markets. The plan is likely to be announced during Xi Jinping's visit to the UK.

Three generations of the British royal family highlights high standards

Experts commented that in recent years, Sino-UK economic and trade relations have developed rapidly, and the UK has become the country that receives the most Chinese investment in Europe. This is not only related to the UK's mature investment environment, but also to its open attitude. Xi Jinping's visit to Europe will comprehensively consolidate Sino-UK relations in strategic, political and economic fields, lay a solid foundation for Sino-UK "Golden Decade", and will also provide a strong impetus for China-UK all-round economic and trade cooperation. The prospects for Sino-UK economic and trade cooperation are promising and promising.

During the four days in the UK, Xi Jinping will attend nearly 20 public events, which include not only many meetings and important banquets, but also visits to many schools, companies, and summits.

London local time on the evening of the 19th, Xi Jinping arrived at Heathrow Airport, the next morning, the ultra-intensive itinerary will begin. In London, members of the British royal family will accompany Xi Jinping throughout the process, which is evident in the high standards of the British reception.

On the 20th, Queen Elizabeth II will hold a ceremony at the Royal Cavalry Review Ground to welcome the Chinese head of state. After the salute is fired, Xi Jinping will board the Royal Review Platform to review the British Royal Cavalry Guard and the Guard of Honor, and head to Buckingham Palace to stay.

At Buckingham Palace, Xi Jinping will attend an informal luncheon hosted by Queen Elizabeth II, exchange gifts with the Queen and visit the royal collection.

In the afternoon of the same day, Xi Jinping will go to the British Parliament House in Westminster and give a speech here. The state banquet hosted by the Queen of England for Xi Jinping will be held at Buckingham Palace on the evening of the 20th. In the United Kingdom, the state banquet is the highest-level feast for the reception of leaders of other countries. It is only held once or twice a year. This is not only a welcome ceremony, but also an important part of a state visit. At the state banquet, Xi Jinping will deliver a speech.

Xi Jinping visited UK highlights today

Morning: Royal welcome ceremony

  • Officially met with Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom, held a welcome ceremony and a military parade
  • Ride the royal carriage with the Queen and his wife to Buckingham Palace

Noon: private luncheon

  • Attended by the Queen of England Visit the Chinese collection in the Royal Collection

Afternoon: Parliamentary speech

  • Deliver a speech at the Palace of Westminster, the seat of the British Parliament
  • Visit the Prince's Academy of Traditional Arts accompanied by Prince William and Princess Kate
  • Enjoy English afternoon tea with Prince Charles and his wife

Evening: State Banquet Speech

  • A grand state banquet was held at Buckingham Palace, the Queen and Xi Jinping delivered speeche
  • london taxi

Photo: 50 British taxis with pictures of "Amazing China" printed on the streets of London/China News Service

"Amazing China" drives on the streets of London

According to a report from China News Agency: On the eve of Chinese President Xi Jinping’s visit to the UK, 50 British taxis with pictures of "Amazing China" drove onto the streets of London, becoming a spectacular and beautiful landscape.

From October 19th to 23rd, Chinese President Xi Jinping will pay a state visit to the UK. Not long ago, celebrities from photography and art in China and Britain carefully selected more than 100 excellent photographic works to be sprayed on the bodies of 50 British taxis, and they will be "moved on display" in London for a month from October 18th.

The reporter learned that, including the British House of Lords, the Secretary of State for the Interior, Lord Mike Bates, the advisor of the Privy Council, the famous Chinese movie star Yao Chen, the Hong Kong writer Ma Jiahui, the Taiwanese writer Zhu Tianyi and other honorary photographers and Chinese Professional photographers from Britain and the United Kingdom used their mobile phones to shoot with the theme of "Amazing China". The Sino-UK jury has selected more than 100 excellent works to be spray painted on the bodies of 50 British taxis for a month in London.

Mike, CEO of the Royal Photographic Society. Dr. Pritchar pointed out that the mobile photography competition has built a new bridge for cultural exchanges between China and Britain. Although the people of China and Britain speak different languages, even though photographers in China and Britain have different approaches and methods, they can To be sure, the meaning conveyed by photographic images can be understood by people in different countries, and photography and people's hobbies for photography know no borders.

"Golden" Opportunities Brought by the Golden Age

  1. Pull the project

  More Chinese companies go out

  • The cooperation between enterprises of the two countries is mainly concentrated in the fields of nuclear power, high-speed rail, automobiles and finance.
  1. One Belt One Road

  Bing participates in driving the world

  • Britain took the lead in joining the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, and the Northern England Revitalization Plan has many points of convergence with the "Belt and Road" initiative.
  1. "London-Shanghai Stock Connect"

   or increase investment in new channels

  • The Shanghai Stock Exchange and the London Stock Exchange are conducting feasibility studies on the issue of interconnection.
  1. Cultural exchange

   Watch an exhibition at the door

  • Long-term and stable cooperative relations have been established between important cultural institutions and art groups in China and Britain. Chinese people have the opportunity to see more of the collections of British museums and appreciate authentic British dramas without going abroad.
  1. Study in the UK

   There are many opportunities to increase the number of places

  • China announced in 2014 that it will send 10,000 publicly-sent overseas students to study in the UK in the next five years.

        6. Cooperation in running schools

  British education in the country

  • The Sino-UK cooperation in running schools started early, and currently there are 17 cooperatively running schools and 240 cooperatively running schools.

         7. Chinese football

   cultivate a new generation of stars

  • In 2012, the [Sino-UK School Football Project] was launched, and the UK provided training for Chinese grassroots football coaches. In the next 5 years, China will build 20,000 schools with football characteristics.

Sino-UK cooperation to promote Sino-EU relations

Xi Jinping embarked on a trip to the United Kingdom. Both China and Britain expressed their hope that this would usher in a "golden age" of Sino-UK relations. Hu Dawei, Director and Associate Researcher of the Research Division of the China Institute of International Studies, believes that the UK’s grand invitation to President Xi’s visit reflects the UK’s pragmatic attitude towards the rise of China. The future cooperation between China and the UK in the financial sector is crucial. The RMB plays an important role in the process of internationalization.

Dawei predicts that China and Britain will have a greater promotion in economic and trade cooperation, such as China's participation in the construction of nuclear power plants and the construction of Britain's high-speed rail, which are closely related to Britain's own development plans. But the most important of these is the cooperation between China and Britain in the financial field.

Since the establishment of the offshore RMB market in London in 2011, the UK has repeatedly set precedents in many fields such as signing bilateral local currency swap agreements, obtaining initial quotas for RMB qualified foreign institutional investors, and issuing RMB-denominated financial products.

In 2014, the British government issued RMB 3 billion of 3-year RMB bonds, becoming the first foreign government to issue RMB sovereign bonds. Hu Dawei particularly emphasized that the United Kingdom has not joined the Eurozone. London, Frankfurt and Paris are both important financial centers in the world. If the United Kingdom wants to maintain London as a global financial center in the future, the key is to see whether London occupies a favorable position in the process of RMB internationalization. .

The United Kingdom is an important member of the European Union, so Sino-UK relations are also an important part of Sino-EU relations. The development of Sino-UK relations will inevitably promote the development of Sino-EU relations, making Sino-EU relations more balanced and more comprehensive. Hu Dawei explained that in history, the UK started earlier than other Western European countries in developing relations with China. The UK’s more open attitude towards Chinese investment will prompt other EU member states to take a more active and pragmatic attitude. Sino-EU economic and trade cooperation will promote and promote Chinese-funded enterprises' investment in Europe.

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