Sino-UK Football Education and Cultural Seminar opens in Shanghai

The Sino-UK Football Education and Cultural Strategy Seminar opening ceremony in Shanghai The Sino-UK Football Education Cultural Strategy Seminar opens in Shanghai, Xinhua News Agency, Shanghai, 15th July (Reporter Mr Xu Dongyuan Zhu Hong) 15th, the Sino-UK Football Education Cultural Strategy Seminar and English School Football teaching Programme training class was held in Shanghai Tongji University. A total of 82 participants from all over the country, including junior and high school students, college students, graduate students, elementary and middle school teachers, university teachers, and club coaches, were divided into three classes for a week of professional football training.

Mr Lei Xinghui, vice president of Tongji University, said that Tongji University and Dr Sun Yi Xian's Youth Foundation are jointly committed to the development of Chinese football education and culture, assisting the construction of football culture undertakings across the Taiwan Straits, Hong Kong and Macau, for the implementation of the "Belt and Road" initiative and for the development of global football education Cultural exchanges and cooperation provide a path for sustainable development. "Absorbing all the advanced football concepts at home and abroad from all aspects is of great benefit to guiding our football development." Mr Zhu Guanghu, chairman of the Shanghai Football Association, said that the core goal of campus football is to foster morality, and Chinese football reform is a long-term system. Engineering must follow the laws of football.

"A major problem in the development of campus football at present is the lack of high-level middle school teachers to help coaches. This requires continuous learning from the training experience of football powers, combined with the actual foundation of my country's grassroots education, comprehensive use of grade training, international curriculum and subject education. Enhance the guidance level of school football teachers." Mr Zhu Guanghu said.

"We have joined hands with Tongji University to jointly develop a modern football subject curriculum and coaching curriculum system with the Shanghai Football Association, and work hard to develop a set of modern football teaching materials with independent intellectual property rights suitable for China's national conditions." said Zheng Shaoqiang, chairman of the Sun Yat-sen Youth Foundation.

"At present, 252 primary and secondary schools in Shanghai have become national youth campus football schools. In recent years, the population of Shanghai school football has increased year by year, and the number of registered student athletes has increased from more than 4,000 to more than 30,000." Shanghai Municipal Education Commission Mr Chen Hua said, director of the Department of Health and Arts.

In January 2017, Tongji University established the International Football College and reached and signed a 10-year strategic cooperation agreement with the Dr Sun Yi Xian's Youth Foundation. According to the agreement, the two parties will jointly host and implement the first plan of the second phase of the Sino-UK School football project to hold rotating training courses in the next 5 years, and train more than 15,000 standard football teachers through teaching English football teaching courses. And on this basis, we will strive to train more than 300 elite football lecturers who can be recognized by the FA, UEFA or equivalent institutions, and contribute to the integration of Chinese football education with international standards.

Sino-UK Football Education and Cultural Seminar Opens in Shanghai

British Ambassador to China Sir Sebastian Wood (吴思田): China and Britain trust each other to achieve great achievements

British Ambassador to Sebastian original













British Ambassador to China Sir Sebastian Wood (吴思田) as a guest Photo by Mr Fang Shuan


Show friendship: China and Britain trust each other to achieve great results

[Moderator]: Mr. Wood has been working in the British Ministry of Foreign Affairs since the 1980s, and has also held a series of positions related to Asia-Pacific affairs. He was officially appointed as the British Ambassador to China in January 2010. First of all, he is very welcome You came to People's Daily Online. I would like to ask you a question. It has been more than 40 years since the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Britain, and the degree and depth are gradually deepening. What do you think of the development of China-UK diplomatic relations over 40 years?

[Sebastian Wood]: The United Kingdom was the first Western country to recognize New China. Since 1950, it should be said that the most important achievement of China and Britain is the return of Hong Kong. This is an unprecedented thing. Of course, there is Deng Xiaoping's very important concept-one country, two systems. However, completing this historic task is not an easy task, and after 1997, everyone can see clearly that this was a success because Hong Kong has also maintained its stability and prosperity. Because I also worked in Hong Kong in the 1990s, I think there is a very important experience, that is, when our two countries trust each other, we will achieve great results. 【detailed】

Seeking business: encourage and welcome more Chinese companies to invest in the UK

[Moderator]: According to the data of the British government, as you just said, the UK has become the most popular European country for Chinese investors. What do you think is the reason why Chinese investors prefer the UK?

[Sebastian Wood]: The most basic advantage is that we are particularly open to foreign investment and will not oppose foreign investment, no matter which country it is from. Because China's foreign investment needs to be diversified, we found that more and more Chinese investors have come to the UK recently, much higher than other European countries. There are also some benefits. London is a very good international economic center. London's financial services, professional services, legal aspects, and advertising will give foreign companies some particularly good opportunities to internationalize their platforms and businesses. If you need to expand your business in Europe, the UK may be the most convenient location. Our tax rate is quite low, and as far as I know, the World Bank ranks the UK as the most convenient country for doing business in Europe.

[Moderator]: Will the UK have more favourable policies for Chinese business people in the future?

[Sebastian Wood]: Of course, we will continue to encourage more Chinese companies to go to the UK. There are more and more companies in the UK, such as Bank of China, which will provide more convenient conditions for later Chinese companies. However, in general, our attitude will not give people from any country or companies in any country special treatment. Because we need a more transparent and equal investment environment. 【detailed】

Comment on transportation: Metros in the capital are very crowded. The "congestion charge" policy is effective

[Moderator]: Let’s talk about some public transportation issues. Some time ago, especially on the Chinese Internet, it was very hotly discussed that the Mayor of London Johnson went to the Beijing subway. He also experienced Beijing’s No. 1 with the largest passenger flow. line. Have you ever taken the subway at work?

[Sebastian Wood]: I have taken the subway. It's not bad. It's quite a good subway. Of course, it can be crowded. The subway in the capital is like this, and the subway in London is like this. Now it is clean, convenient and very good.

[Moderator]: Many netizens are curious to say what is the state of public transportation in the UK? Will it be as congested as China?

[Sebastian Wood]: Sometimes it will be more congested. Of course, because the traffic problems in central London are not as severe as those in some big cities in Beijing and Shanghai, it is more convenient to take a bus. You have a choice, you can take the subway. , You can also take a bus. This option is more convenient.

[Moderator]: For China's mega-cities such as Beijing and Shanghai, transportation is currently the most troublesome issue. Does the UK have any good experience in managing transportation that we can learn from?

[Sebastian Wood]: Perhaps some Chinese friends may already know that there is a congestion charge policy in London. This policy has been around for more than ten years, and its results are good. Our traffic in central London is now lighter than before, not as congested as before. 【detailed】

Talking about environmental protection: Britain will expand existing cooperation projects to help China achieve sustainable development

[Moderator]: Let’s talk about environmental issues. For us, London, England, is what we know better is that it was once what we call the "Mist City". We also have such literary works to commemorate it. After more than half a century, An iron fist to control the fog has also changed from fog to a beautiful city with blue sky and white clouds. What do you think of the haze weather like Beijing, China? Do we have any good learning methods?

[Sebastian Wood]: I think this is a natural adventure in a rapidly developing country. We also had these problems. The air pollution in London in the 1950s was very severe, and the pollution in the water in the 1960s was not good, because we passed history. There are some lessons that can be discussed with Chinese partners. We already have some policy cooperation projects, and we are very willing to expand our projects in China to help China find sustainable ways.

[Moderator]: In the future, under the framework of China-EU Urbanization Partnership, what specific cooperation will China and Britain have?

[Sebastian Wood]: For example, in terms of design, so-called low-carbon design, and in terms of energy, what kind of legal and regulatory system should there be to reduce carbon emissions and reduce pollution? We have various cooperative projects. 【detailed】

Talking about football: he is a Manchester United fan and hopes Beckham will promote Sino-UK football cooperation

[Moderator]: In addition to the economic, cultural, and technological aspects of cooperation between our two countries, in fact, the two countries also have a lot of interaction in sports. Recently, the Sino-UK School football Project was launched in Zhongshan. Bei is also a star that China likes very much. He has served as the ambassador of the Chinese Super League for the season. This event has received a warm welcome in China. How do you comment on this event?

[Sebastian Wood]: I have also met Beckham. He has been to China two or three times. He is also a player I personally like. He was a Manchester United player before. I am a Manchester United fan. He When I come to China, I hope to promote more cooperation between football coaches. Maybe there will be some good news in this regard in the future, because the level of our Premier League is very good. According to the international level, it is quite high, and Chinese people like it very much. Football, in China, everyone hopes that the Chinese national football team will have a higher level, so maybe we can have more help and cooperation in coaching. 【detailed】

Talking about culture: I laughed and said I was old, I'm afraid I won't be able to make "If You Are the One"

[Moderator]: Have you watched a special variety show, "If You Are the One" in China?

[Sebastian Wood]: I visited their studio for that show, so I know which show it is. They told me because I took some pictures there. I think if I participate, I hope it will not be too big, because the age is already too big, and I am already middle-aged.

[Moderator]: You are already married. This is not in compliance with the regulations. The special "If You Are the One" in the UK has aroused a great response in the UK, and the Mayor of London also specially invited "If You Are the One", hoping to organize related activities in the UK again. What do you think about China's event causing such a response in the UK?

[Sebastian Wood]: Our two countries should be creative partners. This is what our leaders said. Our two countries should be partners in economic growth. This is a very important part of this relationship. I know that there is already British TV in China. The program is especially popular with Chinese audiences. Why are there no Chinese TV programs that are also popular in the UK? Isn't that very good? I am very happy to hear this news.

[Moderator]: Will there be similar related blind dates in the UK?

[Sebastian Wood]: There are some programs, but "If You Are the One" they did very well.


Mr Dave Woollaston Chairman


Mr. Dave Woollaston


ESFA Chairman 2013-14


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mr dave woollaston letter


The Sino-UK School Football Project joins hands with Tongji University to cultivate elite football lecturers

 tongji sign 14112017 400x600 2

The training goal of the second stage is to ensure that 300 to 320 Chinese football elite lecturers are trained in about 5 years in accordance with advanced football teaching quality standards.

Xinhua News Agency, Shanghai, November 20 (Reporter Mr Zhu Hong) The reporter learned on the 20th that the International Football College of Tongji University and the Dr Sun Yi Xian’s Youth Foundation have reached a strategic cooperation. The training goal of the second stage is to ensure that 300 to 320 Chinese football elite lecturers who can obtain the qualifications of the English Football Association or the European Football Confederation are obtained through about 5 years in accordance with advanced football teaching quality standards.  

The reporter learned that the Dr Sun Yi Xian’s Youth Foundation and the International Football College of Tongji University, after many in-depth discussions and researches, have reached a joint promotion of the Sino-UK School Football Project on the basis of a high degree of conformity with the development of China’s youth football education mechanism. Second stage) strategic cooperation. The two sides will launch a series of cooperation, including: in accordance with advanced football teaching quality standards, with more than 15,000 students participating in football teaching training as the base, more than 300 football elite lecturers will be trained; the two sides will cooperate to establish an "International Football Education Centre"; jointly build an international certification course system for football coaches, and cultivate elite talents in line with modern football development concepts. The two parties will also jointly develop and compile modern and international football education courses, including football sociology, football medicine, football psychology and football brand investment.

Sino-UK School Football Project is a 15-year school football cooperation agreement signed by the Dr Sun Yi Xian’s Youth Foundation and the Football Association of England. The agreement covers the Greater China region (Including Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau). The foundation selects experts with experienced football teaching experience in England, draws on British textbooks and compiles them based on the actual situation in China, introduces the new concept of English School football education to the Greater China region, and promotes football education.

The Sino-UK School Football Project was launched in May 2012. From October 2013, the first phase of pilot training has been 5 sessions. More than 370 teachers of the international basic courses of English School football have been trained for China. Mr Nelson Cheng, the person in charge of the project, said in an interview with Xinhua News Agency that the Sino-UK School Football Project was at the right time and brought opportunities for the development of Chinese youth football. "Sports, especially football, has its inherent laws of development. It must be steadily promoted to avoid quick success. To formulate long-term plans, the quality of the training of Chinese football teaching faculty must be given top priority."

Mr You Songhui, Dean of the International Football College of Tongji University, said in an interview that the signing of a ten-year strategic cooperation agreement between the two parties will lay a solid foundation for cultivating high-level Chinese football education elites with an international perspective, and will contribute to the revitalisation of Chinese football. Especially the enrichment of grassroots football coaches is beneficial.



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